Pune Introduces Automated System to Enforce PUC Compliance with Rs 10,000 Fine

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Pune, 16th May 2024: A new automated system is in development to tackle the issue of vehicles operating without valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates. This system aims to enforce traffic regulations by automatically issuing fines to offenders, including at petrol pumps.

Vehicles found without a valid pollution certificate could face penalties of up to ₹10,000. Given the importance of this certificate, drivers must ensure its renewal. Failure to do so may result in vehicles being flagged for registration blacklisting.

Enhanced Surveillance Measures: Advanced surveillance cameras will be deployed at fuel stations to monitor vehicle registration numbers. All vehicle types, whether running on gasoline or diesel, will undergo scrutiny. The system will automatically verify the pollution certificate status of each vehicle. If a certificate has expired, fines will be promptly sent to the driver’s mobile phone.

Prompt Renewal Notifications: Drivers will receive timely reminders to renew their certificates, typically by the following day or evening. A brief grace period will be provided for drivers to update their pollution certifications. Failure to renew promptly will result in a ₹10,000 penalty, directly issued to the driver’s mobile device.

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Promoting Compliance with Pollution Regulations: This automated system is designed to ensure effective enforcement of pollution regulations while offering a grace period before penalties are imposed. It encourages drivers to maintain clean vehicles, fostering safer roads through proactive monitoring and enforcement measures.