Pune: Kalyani Nagar Residents Cry Foul As Soundproofing Measures Dismantled At Pubs

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Sumit Singh

Kalyani Nagar, 21st August 2023: A surprising twist has emerged following a recent accord between Kalyani Nagar residents and club proprietors aimed at mitigating noise pollution concerns. Allegations have now arisen that specific pub owners have flouted the agreement’s terms by dismantling soundproofing installations within their establishments.

A resident of Kalyani Nagar voiced apprehensions, stating, “The abrupt removal of soundproofing measures at Elrow indicates a lapse in consistent noise control strategies. After a prolonged period, our neighborhood had finally embraced tranquility. The longstanding grievances about rooftop eateries have lingered for years. PMC should prioritize community well-being over vested interests, adopting an equitable and transparent approach. Both the PMC and the excise department must consider the possibility of revoking licenses in response to recurrent violations. Our community deserves a higher standard, and accountability must be upheld for the betterment of our quality of life.”

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Another Kalyani Nagar resident, wishing to remain anonymous, lamented, “The removal of Elrow’s soundproofing is disheartening. We were beginning to enjoy respite from ceaseless noise, and now it feels as though our efforts were in vain.”

Expressing a similar sentiment, another resident remarked, “The PMC’s wavering stance on rooftop licenses and noise pollution is perplexing. Instead of tackling the underlying problem, their focus seems misplaced on actions that were genuinely improving the situation.”

Available information indicates that the incident involving Waters Pub and Elrow Pub owners has generated allegations of a biased exercise of authority and influence. Claims have arisen that Waters Pub provided a tip leading to PMC’s decision to dismantle Elrow Pub’s soundproofing, which had provided much-needed relief to residents, shielding them from constant intrusive music.

Kalyani Nagar residents have expressed discontent with the PMC’s handling of the matter, contending that the decision appears swayed by influential connections rather than authentic concern for the community’s welfare.

This dispute between the two pub proprietors has spotlighted ongoing challenges residents face in their pursuit of a serene living environment. The incident has ignited broader discourse concerning the transparency and impartiality of the PMC’s actions. As the controversy deepens, community members are rallying for a comprehensive review of the decision-making process and an examination of potential vested interest influence.

However, Sanjay Gurung, the Owner of Elrow Pub, Kalyani Nagar, has refuted these allegations, asserting, “Last month, we reached an accord between Kalyani Nagar residents and pub owners. We are abiding by this arrangement and have implemented soundproofing measures on the pub’s walls. We remain in compliance with the agreement and will uphold it.”

“On 19th August, action was taken against the unauthorized construction of Elrow by Building Permission Department of Pune Municipal corporation and the unauthorized construction of about 14000 sq.ft area was evicted”, PMC Deputy Engineer Ajit Surve told Punekar News.

In this action, Building Inspector Vishnu Taur, Pankaj Donde along with about 20 labours, five gas cutters, one police inspector, six police constables participated.


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