Pune: Kalyani Nagar Residents Demand Stricter Measures Against Recurring Fire Incidents

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Kalyani Nagar, 9th January 2024: Last night, residents of Kalyani Nagar were startled by a massive fire that erupted due to the burning of garbage on an open plot near Kumar Kruti Society. The incident, which occurred around 10 pm on January 8 (Monday), caused panic and fear among the residents.



Eyewitnesses revealed that the fire originated from the deliberate burning of a substantial pile of garbage on the open plot. The presence of strong winds facilitated the rapid spread of flames, engulfing nearby trees and bushes. The intensity of the blaze created visible distress among the residents.


“We saw a lot of smoke and huge flames rising from the open plot. It was like a mini inferno. The fire was spreading fast, and we immediately called the police and fire brigade. We were terrified, thinking about the safety of our families and homes,” shared a concerned eyewitness.


Authorities responded promptly to the distress calls, with firefighters battling the blaze for over two hours before successfully bringing it under control. Fortunately, no casualties or injuries have been reported, but the aftermath has left significant damage.


This incident is not the first of its kind in the area. Local residents highlight that similar cases of garbage burning have occurred three times in the past, with promises of strict action from authorities. However, no concrete steps have been taken, emboldening individuals to repeat these dangerous activities.


Residents are now demanding stricter measures to prevent future incidents. They urge authorities to identify and punish those responsible for starting the fires and ensure the implementation of proper waste management systems to discourage illegal dumping of trash.


“How can we feel safe when such dangerous incidents keep happening?” questions a worried resident.


In response, the police have launched an investigation into the matter, actively searching for suspects involved in starting the fire. The recurring nature of such incidents emphasizes the urgent need for authorities to address and rectify the situation, ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens.