Pune: Katraj-Kondhwa Road Widening Accelerated, New Alternative Route To Alleviate Congestion

Katraj traffic
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Katraj, 16th January 2024: In a significant development aimed at addressing traffic congestion, the widening of the Katraj-Kondhwa road has been expedited, accompanied by the construction of a new alternative road measuring 12 meters in width. This alternative route, linking Khadi Machine Chowk to Katraj, is slated to be open for traffic in the coming days. However, the commencement of traffic will be subject to the completion of street lights and signal systems at the intersection.

The widening project for the Katraj-Kondhwa road, initiated in 2018, faced delays primarily due to challenges in land acquisition. Over the past year, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) engaged in extensive discussions with landowners and took proactive measures to acquire the necessary land. As a result, land has been secured for a new road section between Kanha Hotel Chowk and Khadi Machine Chowk.

While the complete development of the proposed 50-meter wide road is pending, a 12-meter alternative road has been constructed to mitigate congestion on the existing Katraj-Kondhwa road.

To ensure smooth traffic flow, signal systems will be installed at key intersections along the new route, including Khadi Machine Chowk and Tilekar Nagar Chowk. This strategic placement of signals aims to control traffic even during peak hours, ensuring a seamless commuting experience for residents.

PMC’s Additional Commissioner, Vikas Dhakne, affirmed that both the existing road from Kanha Veg to Khadi Machine Chowk and the newly constructed road from Khadi Machine to Katraj will be opened for traffic. This move is expected to significantly reduce congestion and enhance connectivity between these crucial points.