Pune: Khadki Railway Station To Be Transformed Into A Terminus 

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Khadki, 14th July 2022: The Khadki railway station will be transformed into a terminus. This decision will bring relief to the citizens and defence personnel. This will also reduce traffic on the roadways as commuters won’t need to drive to the Pune railway station to board trains.

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Pune MP Girish Bapat will oversee the entire operation as well as the acquisition of a few nearby unoccupied land plots owned by defence establishments.

During a meeting, Brigadier DG Patwardhan and the head of the Khadki Cantonment Board (KCB) discussed the subject of land acquisition. The plan was discussed with the Central Railways (CR).

Bapat said, “Since I’m a member of the railways’ estimate committee, the idea of turning Khadki station into a junction was considered, and the other committee members also approved. The Khadki railway station has a tonne of room for growth because it is surrounded by vacant lands that belong to the KCB and other defence institutions.”

In all aspects of the station’s infrastructural development, he stated that the initiative will receive full support and cooperation.

“Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and I will meet to talk about the potential for locating and moving through with the process of purchasing defence land to go forward with the Khadki station expansion project. Wider platforms will need to be built, and parking arrangements will need to be made. Residents in this part of the town won’t have to travel to Pune station, which would also relieve traffic congestion,” said Bapat.