Pune: Old Bridge On Indrayani River Closed For Traffic In Alandi

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Alandi, 14th July 2022: Due to heavy rains for the last six days, the water level of the Indrayani river has increased and both the banks of the river are overflowing.

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For the past three days, the Bhakti Sopan bridge over the river has gone under water and the Bhakta Pundalik temple has also gone under water. The water level in the Indrayani river is still rising. Against this backdrop, the administration has closed the old bridge on the river next to the Alandi PMPML bus stand for traffic on Wednesday (July 13).


The water level of the Indrayani river has been rising due to continuous heavy rains in the catchment area. However, after 4 pm on Wednesday, the water level has risen further and the speed of the stream also increased dramatically. Therefore, the iron protective walls installed on the Bhakti Sopan bridge on the Indrayani river have been washed away in the flow of river water.


The water level in Indrayani is likely to rise further at night as the rains intensify in the Lonavla area. Therefore, the police administration has decided to close the old bridge over the river for transportation and the road has been barricaded.


Traffic on this route has been diverted to the road on the nearby new bridge. Therefore, double traffic has been arranged on this road. To prevent devotees from visiting Indrayani Ghat, the municipal administration has put up wooden bamboo and iron coverings at necessary places in the Indrayani Ghat area.


The administration has appealed to the citizens and devotees not to go to the Indrayani river as the water level is increasing rapidly.