Pune: Lack of Signage Leaves Commuters Stranded and Frustrated At NDA Chowk

NDA Chowk Pune Chandani Chowk
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Pune, 24th August 2023: The recent resolution of the traffic congestion issue at NDA Chowk (earlier called Chandni Chowk) has not brought relief to motorists who now find themselves ensnared in a different dilemma – the absence of clear road signage. In the absence of proper guide boards, travelers are compelled to cover an additional two kilometers whenever they miss a turn, inevitably resulting in wastage of time and frustration.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) embarked on an expansive project, investing Rs 397 crore to construct eight ramps, two service roads, two underpasses, four bridges, and 17 km of roads. However, the layout of these newly built roads remains a puzzle to drivers. While some directional boards have been placed in certain locations, many crucial junctions still lack these markers, leading drivers to feel deceived and lost.

Present Scenario:

  • The NDA Chowk flyover over Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway was inaugurated on August 12th.
  • Despite this development, motorists are grappling with the absence of directional signage.
  • The ambiguity of which road leads to which destination prevails.
  • The NHAI has installed small-sized billboards along select routes.
  • However, these signs are not easily visible to drivers.
  • Consequently, the intended purpose of these signboards remains unfulfilled.

Key Areas Lacking Signage:

  • The crucial junction of Ved Bhavan lacks any guiding signage. This junction connects to NDA Chowk, Mulshi, Pashan, and Bavdhan.
  • Roads linking Kothrud towards Mumbai lack proper signposts.
  • Even upon reaching NDA Chowk, drivers remain perplexed due to inadequate signage.
  • The roads leading to Bavdhan and Mulshi suffer from inadequate visibility.
  • While main roads have received some signage, the ramps crucial for navigation remain unmarked.

Sanjay Kadam, the Project Director of the NHAI in Pune, stated, “Signboards have been installed across various points, and we are committed to installing them at Ved Bhavan Chowk in the coming days. If drivers encounter any difficulties, we will promptly address them by installing the necessary signboards.”

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