Pune: Lemon Prices Surge Due To Decreased Inflow And High Demand

Lemons Being Sold For Rs 175 To 230 Per Kg In Pune Wholesale Market
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Pune, 20th April 2023: Unseasonal rains in Pune have affected the inflow of lemons from Solapur and Ahmednagar districts, resulting in a reduction in the quantity and quality of lemons in the market. The unseasonal rains have caused damage to the lemons, leading to a decline in the supply of lemons in the market.

The demand for lemons has also decreased due to climate change, affecting lemon juice sellers. However, the demand for lemons is expected to rise again due to the increase in heat from the last two days.

Last month, there was a surge in demand for lemons, and this has led to an increase in the price of lemons in the retail market. According to Rohan Jadhav, a lemon trader in the Market Yard, a lemon was being sold for five to ten rupees in the retail market. However, due to the decrease in the inflow of lemons compared to the demand, the price has increased significantly.

Fifteen days ago, a sack of lemons fetched Rs 2,000 to 2,500. At present, a sack of lemons costs Rs 1,200 to 1,500. The cost of a sack of lemons depends on the size, and it contains 350 to 450 lemons.

Lemons are cultivated in Solapur and Ahmednagar districts, and the recent unseasonal rains have caused significant damage to the lemons. As a result, the quality of lemons currently entering the market is not very good. The quantity of green lemons is high, and the lemons are small in size, with low juice content. To meet the demand for lemons, lemons are being imported from Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu. A thousand sacks of lemons are being imported from the southern states every day, and they cost between Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 per sack. However, Jadhav has said that the lemons from the south do not last long.

The demand for lemons had decreased due to the rainy weather, but it is now expected to increase again due to the recent rise in temperature. Jadhav has predicted that the demand for lemons is likely to increase again in the coming days.


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