Pune: Leopard Kills Sheep in Junnar, Villagers Demand Enhanced Safety Measures

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Junnar, 8th January 2024: In a harrowing incident in Kombadwadi of Pimpari Pendhar, Junnar, a leopard entered the open cowshed, killing a sheep and causing a commotion that lasted for two hours. The incident occurred on Saturday evening around 7:30, at the residence of Arun Anand Pote.

The leopard entered Arun Anand Pote’s cowshed at Pimpari Pendhar, making its way through a wire fence, and attacked a sheep tied inside. The presence of cows in the shed obstructed the leopard for two hours, creating a tense situation. When the Pote’s son and workers rushed to the scene upon hearing the commotion, they found themselves face-to-face with the leopard.

A report about the incident was promptly made to Babaji Kharge of the Forest Department. Forest Department staff arrived at the scene, and the leopard attempted to escape. The wire fence surrounding the cowshed forced the leopard towards the area with the cows.

With 45 cows of various sizes present, the leopard found refuge under cattle feeding troughs. The situation unfolded for about one and a half to two hours, with the cows hindering the leopard’s escape attempts. Eventually, as the cows were moved for feeding, the leopard managed to flee through the open cowshed door.

A financial loss of Rs. 16,000 was reported by Pote due to the incident. The prolonged spectacle attracted a large crowd of onlookers. Forest Range Officer Vaibhav Kakade, Forest Guard Santosh Salunkhe, and Babaji Kharge of the Junnar Rescue Team played crucial roles in managing the situation.

Villagers, shaken by the incident, voiced their concerns about the increasing presence of leopards in the area. Demands were made for the installation of cages to enhance safety measures, highlighting the need for proactive measures to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts in the region.