Pune: Leopard Sighting Prompts Wildlife Rescue Effort in Hinjawadi

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Hinjawadi, 30th March 2024: Concerns over wildlife encounters arose in the Hinjawadi Information Technology Park (IT Park) area following confirmed reports of a leopard sighting on Saturday. Prompt response from the forest department and animal rescue teams ensued, resulting in the safe retrieval of a newborn calf discovered in a nearby field.

As sugarcane harvesting activities unfold in the Hinjawadi vicinity, instances of leopard sightings, particularly accompanied by their cubs, have become increasingly common. The latest incident unfolded when a newborn male calf was found nestled within a sugarcane field at Nere (Mulshi) on Saturday. The discovery was made by a laborer engaged in sugarcane cutting on the field owned by Rahul Jadhav.

Upon notification, a swift deployment ensued, with Santosh Chavan, Forest Range Officer of Paud, leading the response team, alongside Forester Pragya Bansode, Forest Guard Pandurang Kopner from IT Park Hinjawadi, and members of the Animal Rescue Team and Wildlife Protection volunteers.

Speculations emerged among the team that the female leopard, likely the calf’s mother, refrained from reclaiming the calf due to potential confusion or external disturbances. Recognizing the calf’s urgent need for maternal care, authorities opted to release the calf back into its natural habitat later in the evening. The release site was chosen to ensure minimal disruption to the calf’s surroundings, with monitoring efforts bolstered through the installation of surveillance cameras.

Forest Range Officer Chavan reiterated appeals for calm among local farmers, emphasizing the need to avoid panic in light of the situation. In a precautionary measure, farmer Jadhav was instructed to temporarily halt sugarcane cutting activities for a period of two to three days to facilitate potential retrieval of the female calf.