Pune: Lonavla Homestay Association To Seek Compensation For Loss Due To Not Being Allowed To Rent Bungalows On New Year’s Eve 

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Lonavla, 24th August 2022: In December 2021, Maval’s assistant registrar Vitthal Suryavanshi issued a letter to the owners of bungalows in Lonavala not to rent out bungalows on New Year’s eve.

Against this letter, Lonavala Homestay Association and Juned Badshah appealed to the Divisional Joint Registrar Co-operative Society Pune Division have asked for answers to the given letter.


After hearing about this revision application, Divisional Joint-Registrar Co-operative Society Pune Dr Sanjay Kumar Bhosale cancelled the said letter while giving the order. In the background of the crowd in Lonavala on the occasion of New Year, the Collector had imposed a curfew in December 2021.

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According to this order, Assistant Registrar Maval had sent a letter on December 27, 2021, to the owners of bungalows in Lonavala not to rent the bungalows. Arguing against this, Homestay Association informed that “We are a registered organization and have more than 150 members. Tourists coming to our bungalows are mostly families, so where does the issue of corona spread come into question? We demanded cancellation of the said letter stating that we are doing this business by taking licenses under Home Stay and Bread Butter Scheme from Tourism Development Corporation.”


Junaid Badshah, president of Homestay Association, said that the request was accepted by the divisional joint registrar and the letter of the Maval assistant registrar was cancelled.


Home Stay Association’s Adv Sumit Bhatia said, now we will approach the court and demand compensation for the loss caused to our members due to the assistant registrar’s letter.