Pune: Loud Conversation Leads to Violent Incident, Man Attacked with Hammer

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Dighi, 2nd April 2024: In an incident that unfolded at Wadmukhwadi on Saturday night around 11:30 PM, a violent altercation erupted over loud conversation, resulting in one individual being assaulted with a hammer.

The arrested accused, identified as Haridas Ramen Mujumdar, aged 32 and a resident of Wadmukhwadi, allegedly attacked the victim and his friend Vishwajit Shah, following a dispute over noise levels. Kamal Kumar Brijachandra Das, aged 42, complained to Dighi Police Station regarding the incident.

According to police reports, the altercation ensued when Kamal Kumar and his friend Vishwajit Shah were conversing loudly while having dinner at the Royal Galaxy Labor Camp. Haridas, who resided in an adjacent room, confronted the complainant and his friend, questioning the volume of their conversation. In response, Vishwajit retorted, prompting Haridas to retrieve a small hammer and strike Vishwajit on the head, inflicting injuries.