Pune: Man Cheated Of Rs 15.47 Lakhs In Stock Market Scam, Chikhali Police Arrest Fraudster From Gujarat

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Pimpri Chinchwad, 13th January 2024: Chikhli Police successfully apprehended a fraudster from Vadnagar, Gujarat, who duped a man from Pimpri Chinchwad of significant sums by luring them with promises of extraordinary returns from stock market investments.

The arrested perpetrator has been identified as Dinesh Pathuji Thakor, a native of Vadnagar, Gujarat. Thakor exploited the trust of an influential resident of Chikhali, convincing them to invest in the stock market with the assurance of substantial profits. Initially investing Rs 50,000, Thakor showcased a purported profit of nearly one and a half lakh rupees to gain the victim’s confidence.

However, the situation took a darker turn as Dinesh Pathuji Thakor, gradually and deceitfully, managed to swindle a staggering amount of Rs 15,47,259 from the victim. He coerced the victim into withdrawing funds from their demat account, eventually making off with the ill-gotten gains. Following the fraudulent transactions, Thakor went off the grid by switching off his mobile phone and absconding.

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Chikhali Police, employing thorough technical investigation methods, tracked down and arrested Thakor in his hometown of Vadnagar.