Pune: Man Kills Wife Due To Argument, Creates Fake Robbery Story

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Chikhali, 22nd February 2023: A man concocted a false robbery tale to conceal the death of his wife, who was 27 years old. Nevertheless, authorities were unconvinced and eventually caught him after questioning him.

Praveen Jadhav (33) killed his wife Shweta Hole Jadhav on Saturday night by strangling her to death with a pillow after becoming enraged over a small argument. Praveen removed his wife’s body and hid it between two cars in the parking lot to cover up his crime.

Praveen began shouting and screaming the following morning that his wife had been murdered by robbers. As soon as the police arrived, she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. According to the postmortem report, the woman was strangled.

Based on a complaint made by Shweta’s father, Somnath, who accused Praveen and his family of torturing his daughter, a case was opened at the Chikhali police station.


Somnath claimed in his complaint that his daughter wed in 2017. Her husband and in-laws used to pester her nonstop for dowry. He was not financially secure due to his prior employment in the police department; thus he was often unable to meet their expectations. As a result, she experienced torture and abuse frequently.

Shweta was not allowed to visit her maternal home or communicate with her parents on the phone. She was only permitted to stay with her parents for 15 days, even while pregnant. Also, her in-laws didn’t want their grandchild to speak to them. Even though their family resided close to her in-laws’ home, she was not allowed to leave the house or visit them.

According to senior police inspector Rajendra Barge, the police had doubts about Praveen’s account from the start. He continued by saying that the results of the inquiry showed that Praveen had strangled his wife at around midnight after an argument. Afterwards, to hide his tracks, he discarded the body in the parking lot and made up a fictitious dacoity tale. He hid the money in the locker and flushed Shweta’s jewellery to avoid suspicion. However, there are still many unanswered issues. The accused has been apprehended based on the complaint, and an investigation is ongoing.