Pune: Man Rescued by Fire Brigade After Getting Stuck in Tree While Cutting Branches

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Wanwadi, 22nd May 2024: A man was rescued by the fire brigade after getting stuck in a tree while attempting to cut its branches. The incident occurred when the man, Rama Pawar, a 28-year-old resident of Wanwadi, climbed the tree around 9:30 AM.

Pawar easily climbed up the tree but panicked when trying to descend. Locals noticed his distress and informed the fire brigade. Three vehicles were dispatched: a fire engine from Kondhwa Khurd, a rescue van from headquarters, and a tall ladder Bronto vehicle.

Upon arrival, the fire brigade personnel saw that Pawar was stuck about 30 to 35 feet up in the tree. The rescuers placed a ladder against the tree and climbed up to reach him. Noticing his fear, they reassured him by saying, “We are here, don’t worry.” Using a tree pruner to cut surrounding branches, they approached him with a rope and safely brought him down in about fifteen minutes.

Pawar, who suffered minor injuries and was in a state of panic, was rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

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The rescue operation was conducted by fire officers Sameer Sheikh, Kailas Shinde, and Tandel Rahul Bandal, along with drivers Rahul Jadhav and Chimendra Pawar, and firemen Kishore Karbhar, Prasad Shinde, Ramraj Bagal, Santosh Mane, Sagar Shirke, Tejas Patel, Prathamesh Sagvekar, and Vaibhav Bakre.