Pune: miniOrange, a company bringing a difference in people’s life during pandemic

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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, July 20, 2020: The coronavirus disease(COVID-19) stands as a life-changing threat to thousands of people across the country. Every company is trying to commit to Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR), be it a startup or a Multi-National Company(MNC).

One such is miniOrange- a relatively small company located in Baner has been striving to impact positively in society. During April and May, close to 90 miniOrange employees went to work at the grassroots levels of local communities, where they provided aid, rations, and other necessities to those struck hardest in this crisis. In the course of this campaign, close to 1500+ families had their monthly rations provided, around 250 people were fed, and two entire villages were given aid.

The rural areas and villages of Buri, Chinchali, Gavanwai, Govele, and Ratnagiri were deprived of electricity for 31 days due to the Nisarg cyclone. About 200 solar lamps were distributed to these villages.

Meanwhile, to help those who have been on the pandemic’s frontlines, miniOrange also distributed a thousand N95 masks, and a 1000 pairs of gloves were provided to the NICMAR COVID Care Centre in Balewadi, Pune. All sets of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs), sanitizers, and Hypochlorite solutions were distributed to the doctors, nurses, and volunteers at College of Engineering Pune (COEP) COVID Centre, and the Srivasta at Sassoon Government hospital was also provided with medicines, lactogen boxes, vegetables, fruits, and crates of bottled water, as and when needed.

Additionally, many other essentials were provided to staff across the Chatushrungi and Hinjewadi police stations. To give back to the community in Baner, 500 saplings for plantation were provided to the Vasundhara Foundation, with multiple miniOrange employees helping to plant the saplings in Baner.

Talking To Punekarnews.in Rajshree Zade, Operations Manager at miniOrange, said, “Throughout all of this, our goal at miniOrange has always been to find those most in need of help, and help them whatever way we can. Every single one of these giveaways and donations was made in person by an employee of miniOrange, to make sure that real help was provided to all these individuals.”