Pune: Minor Girl Raped by Relative; Shocking Extortion Incident Unveiled

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Pune, 27th August 2023: A distressing case of a minor girl falling victim to sexual assault by a close relative has come to light, revealing an equally disturbing episode of extortion. The Mundhwa police have promptly registered a case against the youth and his family members involved in this abhorrent act.


The incident was brought to the fore when a 19-year-old girl bravely approached the Mundhwa police station to file a formal complaint. As per her grievance, the accused includes the youth in question, along with his mother, father, and maternal sister. The police report elucidates that the accused young man shares a familial bond with the victimized girl. The sequence of events unfolded when the accused youth molested the girl during her minor years and captured explicit photographs on a mobile device.


The situation took an even darker turn as the accused utilized the compromising pictures to coerce and manipulate the girl. Threatening to circulate these private images on social media, the accused instilled fear in the victim. Pressured and overwhelmed by the predicament, the young woman took drastic measures. She pawned the gold ornaments from her household and broke a fixed deposit, managing to gather a substantial sum of Rs 30 lakhs. This amount was subsequently transferred to a bank account belonging to Taruna.


Despite the financial acquiescence, the accused youth continued his reign of terror, subjecting the victim to further intimidation. Driven to her breaking point, the young woman decided to take a stand and lodged a formal complaint with the local authorities, seeking justice against the heinous acts she endured.


The authorities have launched a thorough investigation into this case, aiming to bring the culprits to justice and provide the victim with the support and protection she rightly deserves.