Boosting Local Manufacturers: ‘One Station, One Product’ Scheme Expands to 13 More Stations In Pune Railway Division

pune railway station
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Pune, 27th August 2023: In a bid to foster small-scale manufacturing enterprises, the railway administration has launched the ‘One Station, One Product’ scheme across pivotal stations nationwide.


The initiative, which has garnered significant traction within the Pune division, is now slated for expansion. Commencing with the opening of 16 stalls at 12 stations in its inaugural phase, the scheme is poised to extend its footprint to an additional 13 stations.


These 13 stations, including Malvali, Kamshet, Kasarwadi, Hadapsar, Uruli, Kedgaon, Baramati, Jejuri, Karad, Kirloskarwadi, Jaisingpur, Takri, and Dehuroad, will soon host the stalls. Under this innovative initiative, stalls are allocated to local manufacturers at reasonable rental rates, providing them with a platform to showcase their products. Vendors are permitted to vend their merchandise at the railway stations for durations spanning 15 to 90 days.


Notably, a significant emphasis is placed on empowering self-help groups and home industries in this endeavor. As the program gains momentum, its success is evident from the decision to expand to 13 more stations in the Pune division in the second phase.


Dr. Ramdas Bhise, the Public Relations Officer of the Pune Railway Division, expressed optimism regarding the scheme’s expansion and its positive impact on bolstering local manufacturing and entrepreneurship.