Pune: MIT World Peace University Held An Entrepreneurship Event In The Campus

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Pune, 20th September 2022: MIT World Peace University is hosting an entrepreneurship event titled RIDE from 20th to 24th September 2022 to encourage innovation on the college campus through the event. RIDE stands for Research, Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship. It was said that RIDE is the first event dedicated to innovation. Namita Thapar was the chief guest of the event on day 1. More than 100 speakers from various fields are estimated throughout the five-day event. The speakers on the first day, apart from Namita Thappar, were Dr. Satyabhushan Dash, Himanshu Jadhav, Rahula Valavkar, and Shailendra Gawde.


These speakers gave insights into various aspects of innovation. Namita Thappar stated that she was happy people were getting into entrepreneurship. According to her, this was because “People dare to dream today”. The main motto of her speech was to give out the message – “Stay Hungry. Stay Humble”.


Dr. Satyabhushan Dash said that his forte was marketing.

He also explained sustainable innovations. Himanshu Jadhav spoke about how important research was to ensure one becomes a successful entrepreneur. He also emphasized the importance of technology focused on people. Other speakers talked about the challenges India faces as a developing nation. A point that emerged was how the youth plays a role in bringing up innovation.


At the end of each session, students filled out a test. These tests assessed the students based on the sessions. A link was sent, through Whatsapp, to give the test. Students had to attempt the test as a part of the assessment. This test checked how many topics the students grasped from the event organized.