Pune: MNGL Reduces CNG Prices By Rs Six

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Pune, 9th April 2022: Vehicle owners worried about inflation have got relief as new rates of CNG have come into effect from midnight on Friday (7th April). MNGL has reduced the price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by as much as Rs six and the vehicle owners will now have to pay Rs 86 per kg.

Fuel prices have been increasing steadily for the past few months. The price of CNG has increased by Rs 26 to Rs 92 in the financial year 2022-23. Due to the rise in CNG rates, the financial calculations of the rickshaw, taxi, and other CNG vehicle operators have collapsed.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) approved the rickshaw fare hike on 1st September due to the increase in CNG rates. The increase in rickshaw fares was directly affecting the common man. But, now MNGL has decided to reduce the CNG rate by Rs six, from Rs 92 to Rs 86 per kg.