Pune Mourns the Passing of Renowned Sindhi Scholar, Lacchman Parasram Hardwani

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Pune, 10th August 2023: Lacchman Parasram Hardwani, a revered figure in the world of linguistics, translation, lexicography, writing, theatre, and intellect, breathed his last on Wednesday at the age of 81. He passed away peacefully due to old age at his Yerawada residence.

His final rites were conducted at the Yerawada Crematorium, where family, friends, and admirers paid their respects. Dr. Hardwani is survived by his three sons.

Born on May 3, 1942, in Sevan, Sindh, Dr. Hardwani and his family migrated to India, finding a home in Ahmednagar. He completed his MA in Hindi and embarked on a dedicated academic journey, serving as a professor of the Hindi language at Ahmednagar College. His illustrious teaching career spanned 35 years, culminating in his retirement in 2002. After retiring, he settled in Viman Nagar.

Dr. Hardwani’s contributions were far-reaching, and his advocacy for the Sindhi Devanagari script was particularly notable. His literary legacy encompasses nearly 100 books, including dictionaries. He gained recognition for his adept translations of seminal works like Dasbodh and Dnyaneshwari into the Sindhi language.

He championed the belief that Arabic Sindhi and Devanagari Sindhi are distinct languages, characterized by varying scripts, grammatical structures, vocabulary, and linguistic nuances. Dr. Hardwani’s versatility extended to his writing in Sindhi, Hindi, and Marathi, where he masterfully popularized Sindhi Haiku, a distinctive form of literature. He also played a pivotal role as a founding member of the Ahmednagar Sindhi Education Society.

Dr. Richa Sharma, head of the Hindi department at Ahmednagar College, fondly reminisced about her association with Dr. Hardwani. “Dr. Hardwani was a guiding figure during my time at Ahmednagar College. His mentorship and support were invaluable to me. Despite our relatively brief interaction, his impact on my life has been enduring. His work on Sindhi translation, his emphasis on Devanagari script, and his contributions to literature remain unparalleled.”

Vijay Prabhakar Nagarkar, BSNL state language officer, paid tribute to Dr. Hardwani’s profound influence. “Dr. Hardwani’s translations of Marathi literary classics, Dnyaneshwari and Dasbodh, into Sindhi showcased his dedication to preserving cultural heritage. His unwavering commitment to the Devanagari script and his vocal stance against the misuse of Hindi marked him as a staunch advocate for linguistic integrity.”

Dr. Hardwani’s notable achievements include co-authoring the “Dictionary of Sindhi Synonyms” with Dr. Vinita Basantani, available on Amazon, a testament to his enduring legacy in the world of linguistic scholarship and literature. His loss is deeply felt by the world of language and letters, leaving behind an indelible mark on the realms he dedicated his life to enriching.


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