Pune: Actress Tanisha Mukherjee Advocates Inclusion of ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ in School Curriculum

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Pune, 10th August 2023: Actress Tanisha Mukherjee has called for the integration of the ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ program into the school curriculum as a means to raise awareness about appropriate and inappropriate physical contact among children.

She emphasized that such an inclusion would help garner extensive attention and support at a governmental level to combat sexual abuse. Mukherjee further underscored the importance of speaking out against unwanted physical contact.

Mukherjee shared her perspective during a media interaction in Pune on Wednesday, where she discussed the ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ initiative launched by the Gravittus Foundation, spearheaded by Usha Kakade. Mukherjee commended Usha Kakade’s efforts and the foundation’s pivotal role in fostering children’s understanding of tactile boundaries through the implementation of this program within schools. In recognition of her involvement, Kakade presented Mukherjee with a booklet detailing the Gravittus Foundation and its ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ endeavor.

“Instances of violence against children and women are deeply saddening. To curb such incidents, it’s vital to cultivate awareness within society alongside legal measures. Often, attempts are made to suppress these occurrences. Children seldom lie. Hence, parents and educators should engage in consistent communication with children, lending them an attentive ear. An open dialogue is crucial. Every individual has ownership of their body. It’s imperative to respond to unwelcome touches by informing a trusted person,” commented Mukherjee.

She also pledged her active participation in this initiative and expressed the intention to amplify awareness regarding the distinctions between positive and negative physical contact.

Usha Kakade shared, “Following the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi, our initiative emerged from a sense of social responsibility. Although initially met with skepticism from schools and parents, it eventually gained significant traction. Through the Gravittus Foundation, this initiative is being introduced across various schools in Pune, imparting awareness to approximately 4.5 lakh students so far. A dedicated team of trained volunteers is diligently working on this endeavor. Many incidents have come to light, leading to necessary actions being taken. An awareness-raising short film titled ‘Udne Do’ has been created. Our next step involves approaching the government to expand this movement nationwide.”


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