Pune: MSEDCL restores electric supply in these rural areas

damaged transformer electricity supply Pune
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Pune, June 11, 2020: Nearly 6.33 lakh consumers were badly affected with Nisarg Cyclone in the Maval, Khed, Junnar, Ambegaon, Mulshi and Velhe talukas. Now, the power supply of 5.68 lakh consumers in these areas have resumed after continuous work done by the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) engineers and staff. As many as 1450 engineers and staff have been working tirelessly to repair the power supply till Wednesday.

Nisarg Cyclone had caused severe damage to power lines, mainly in the hilly areas of Maval, Junnar and Mulshi talukas. In Ambegaon, Velhe and Khed talukas around 3195 high and low electric poles were damaged. As a precautionary measure, the power supply was cut in these areas. However, MSEDCL has suffered around Rs 5.5 crore loss. For the first time, the power supply to 47 substations and 389 high-voltage power lines was disrupted due to the cyclone.

The power supply has resumed now. The cyclone had affected 6.33 lakh consumers and out of this 5.68 lakh consumer including of 4.86 consumers of domestic, commercial and industrial, 1142 water supply units, 184 mobile towers received power supply.

At present, the power supply of 761 villages out of 862 has been restored after repair of high voltage electric lines. However, the repair of low voltage power lines of 101 small villages is in full swing. In these areas, around 850 engineers and staff are working for 12-13 hours to restore the power supply.