Pune-Mumbai Deccan Queen’s Newly Replaced Rake Needs Repair In Just 4 Days, Toilet Utility Collapsed

Deccan Queen toilet collapsed Pune
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Pune, 28th June 2022: One of the Central Railway’s oldest and most prestigious trains Deccan Queen’s recently replaced and new LHB rake deteriorated just four days after starting a new journey. The collapse of the toilet utility has raised questions about the newly replaced rake. Railway passenger associations have expressed displeasure and disappointment.


Most of the toilet utilities in the air-conditioned C-2 pass holder’s rake in the Deccan Queen collapsed. The power lines of the train have also collapsed. The incident was witnessed as the train was traveling from Pune to Mumbai. No passengers were using the toilet while the utility broke. Otherwise, the passenger might have been injured. Disappointment is being expressed as Deccan Queen has an excellent reputation and expectations.

Just four days ago, on the evening of June 22, the train started its new journey from Mumbai to Pune after replacing its old coaches with new ones. A company in Chennai manufactured these new coaches. The rakes were tested and granted positive to be operational. The coaches arrived first in Pune and then headed to Mumbai. The coaches were then re-inspected in Mumbai and declared positive for further operation.

Harsha Shah, president, Railway Pravasi Group, expressed disappointment and raised questions saying, “the fact that the toilet utility collapsed just four days after the new LHB rakes were replaced has raised questions upon how the toilet utility collapsed in the C2 coaches when the Deccan Queen was replaced with new coaches just four days ago and whether the railway administration inspects the coaches before starting its operation. Luckily, no passenger was using the toilet while the utility collapsed. Otherwise, the passenger would have been injured.”