Pune Municipal Corporation Eases Rules, Offers Discounts To Accelerate Redevelopment of Old Wada

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Pune, 17th November 2023: In a move to expedite the redevelopment of old houses and palaces in the central part of the city, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to provide discounts on the side margin requirement for properties with a width of six meters and an area of less than one thousand square meters. The initiative aims to overcome obstacles posed by the PMC’s Development Control Regulations (DCR), which previously hindered the redevelopment of these historical structures.

The redevelopment of palaces faced challenges due to constraints such as the small area of the villas, the number of tenants, and the one-meter side margin requirement. Responding to demands from people’s representatives across parties to facilitate palace redevelopment, the Municipal Corporation initiated discussions with the Department of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs of the State Government.

Following consultations, the Department of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs suggested that the PMC Commissioner make decisions on granting permission for redevelopment by charging a hardship premium and evaluating on-site conditions. In response, the commissioner issued orders for granting construction permission to buildings up to 18 meters in height by charging a hardship premium. However, without specific mention of the length and width of the service road, the redevelopment process faced obstacles.

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To address this, the Municipal Corporation has now decided to offer a discount in the side margin by charging a hardship premium, with an additional two percent hardship premium for structures exceeding 18 meters in height. Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Vikram Kumar emphasized that this concession is applicable only if there is a six-meter wide road. Municipal Engineer Prashant Waghmare expects that this decision will significantly expedite the redevelopment of old mansions within the city.