Pune Municipal Corporation Gears Up for ‘G20’ Conference, Promises Road Repairs and Beautification Worth Rs 200 Crores

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Initiates Road Beautification Projects for Upcoming G20 Meetings
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Pune, 27th May 2023: In preparation for the upcoming ‘G20’ conference scheduled for June, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated extensive measures to improve the city’s infrastructure. With a focus on road repairs and beautification, the civic body has allocated a staggering amount of funds, aiming to transform the cityscape.


While PMC has allocated Rs 61 crores for various improvement projects such as painting, beautification, and park enhancements, the state government has contributed an additional Rs 139 crores specifically for road repairs, footpaths, and dividers.


Notorious for its pothole-riddled roads, Pune has been grappling with deteriorating infrastructure for the past two years. Frequent digging and installation of service channels by different departments, including water supply, sewerage, and electricity, have further exacerbated the road conditions. Despite claims by the municipality that roads are being improved through asphalting, the reality on the ground tells a different story. Partially covered roads, deep ruts, broken footpaths, and shoddy patchwork have become a common sight, posing a significant inconvenience and safety hazard to residents.


To address these issues, PMC has embarked on an ambitious plan to asphalt 107 kilometers of roads, investing Rs 300 crores in five different packages. However, only a fraction of this work has been completed thus far, with approximately 30 to 34 kilometers of roads receiving attention. Additionally, a tender process worth Rs 42 crores has been initiated for pothole repairs and chamber renovations in the coming year.


As part of the ‘G20’ preparations, PMC has outlined a comprehensive roadmap for road repairs and beautification. Some of the key areas set to undergo transformation include the stretch from Lohgaon Airport to Gunjan Talkies, Gunjan Talkies to Wagholi, Airport to Senapati Bapat road, Solapur Road (Bhairobanala to Shewalwadi), Baner Road, Pashan Road, Satara Road, and Warje-NDA Road. These thoroughfares will witness repairs, re-asphalting, pavement repairs, lane markings, installation of direction boards, and beautification efforts.


The allocated funds for the ‘G20’ conference amount to a staggering Rs 200 crores, earmarked for various purposes. These include flyovers and coloring of subways (Rs 10 crores), plantation of trees in dividers (Rs 3 crores), road beautification and repair (Rs 139 crores), attractive electrical systems (Rs 10 crores), lifting of railings and painting of walls (Rs 24 crores), lighting on bridges and heritage structures (Rs 3 crores), event management for ‘G20’ (Rs 6 crores), and the beautification of heritage road (Rs 5 crores).


Vikas Dhakne, Additional Commissioner of PMC, expressed his vision for the city’s transformation, stating, “In line with the ‘G20’ conference in Pune city, road repair, cleaning, and beautification works are going to be done in the city. In order to coordinate all departments, instructions have been given to the authorities.”


As Pune gears up to host the prestigious ‘G20’ conference, residents eagerly anticipate the much-needed improvements in the city’s infrastructure. With a renewed focus on road repairs and beautification, PMC aims to deliver shiny, pothole-free, and aesthetically pleasing roads, transforming Pune into a city befitting its international status.