Pune Municipal Corporation Responds to Mosquito Menace in Kharadi – Mundhwa with Proactive Measures

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Kharadi/Mundhwa, 12th February 2024: In response to the concerns voiced by residents regarding a mosquito infestation in the Kharadi – Mundhwa area of Pune, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has taken proactive measures to address the issue. Dr Suryakant Deokar, in collaboration with the environment department, has initiated steps to tackle the root cause of the problem, which is the proliferation of water algae serving as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Residents in Kharadi, Keshav Nagar, and Mundhwa have been dealing with health issues related to mosquitoes, which have disrupted their daily lives. The increase in the mosquito population is directly correlated with the growing presence of water algae in the Mula-Mutha River, extending from Mundhwa Bridge to Kharadi Village. While PMC has begun efforts to remove the algae, they have not yet succeeded in effectively curbing the infestation. Stagnant water near ongoing river projects has worsened the problem, affecting establishments such as skyscrapers, schools, and parks. Despite citizen appeals led by former MLA Bapu Pathare, bureaucratic challenges have delayed prompt resolution, leading frustrated residents to express their concerns on social media platforms.

To address the issue, ongoing fogging operations utilizing various equipment, including vehicle-mounted machines, are being conducted in residential areas and neighbouring societies daily, including Sundays. Additionally, Dr Deokar has expressed a willingness to escalate the response by employing drones to apply appropriate treatments to eradicate algae if current measures do not yield significant improvements within the next 15 days.

Recognizing the importance of community involvement in combating the issue, residents have been advised to minimize outdoor activities to reduce mosquito bites. Moreover, the presence of water algae in the Mundhwa area adjacent to Kharadi has been attributed to increasing water pollution.

Efforts have already begun to alleviate the situation, with the removal of some water algae in the Mundhwa area, particularly in the stretch of the Mutha River near Kharadi where accumulation is prominent due to upstream flow.