Pune Municipal Corporation Takes Action to Ease Traffic Jams In Ten Key Areas

200 Meters On Porwal Road
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Pune, 25th May 2023: The persistent issue of traffic congestion in Pune is reaching alarming levels, with each passing day witnessing an increase in the problem. Recognizing the urgent need for a solution, the Pune traffic police recently conducted an extensive survey of 41 Chowks throughout the city to identify the root causes of the congestion.


Subsequently, they submitted a detailed report to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), outlining the necessary measures to alleviate the traffic woes plaguing each junction.


PMC Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakne, accompanied by other officials, undertook a comprehensive assessment of ten critical locations in Pune. The purpose of this inspection was to gauge the traffic conditions at these sites and evaluate the recommendations put forth by the traffic police, aiming to address the congestion issues effectively.


Based on the assessment, the Municipal Corporation has now embarked on a direct course of action to tackle the problems at these ten key locations.


The top ten places identified as major congestion hotspots are as follows:


Pune University Chowk: To mitigate congestion, the plans involve widening the roads, repairing potholes, and deploying additional traffic police personnel.


Wagholi Chowk: The focus here will be on improving the signal system and regulating heavy vehicle traffic through road widening after removing encroachments.


Parnkuti Chowk to Gunjan Chowk, Yerwada: This stretch will witness road reconstruction, prohibition of parking, and measures to ensure pedestrian safety.

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Hadapsar Railway Station to Fursungi Railway Bridge: Bus traffic planning, actions against rickshaws, and removal of encroachments are among the strategies to be implemented.


Khadi Machine Chowk to Shatrunjay Chowk: Road widening and installation of bifurcations and signals at various points are planned to enhance traffic flow.


Katraj Chowk: The road leading to Kondhwa will be widened, and the number of traffic police personnel will be increased.


Warje Flyover Chowk: The chowk will undergo redesigning to prevent encroachments and ensure smooth traffic movement.


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Mundhwa Chowk: Road widening, installation of dividers, and prohibition of parking are among the proposed measures for this location.


Navale Bridge to Bhumkar Chowk: Widening of the road, removal of encroachments, and installation of signals at strategic points are on the agenda to alleviate congestion.


Porwal Road from Lohgaon to Vishrantwadi: A viable alternative route, installation of signals, and elimination of encroachments along Porwal Road are the intended solutions for this area.


“We conducted multiple visits to these heavily congested spots, meticulously inspecting them to determine the most effective measures for resolving the traffic snarls. Subsequently, the Municipal Corporation promptly commenced the implementation of these measures,” explained Vikas Dhakane, Additional Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation.