Pune Municipal Corporation Takes Charge: Integration of Cantonment Boards Underway

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Pune, 21st April 2024: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has initiated the process of integrating the Pune and Khadki Cantonment Boards, bringing residential areas within their jurisdictions under PMC administration. Excluded from this merger are properties belonging to the Army and Central organizations. Additionally, the assets and workforce of both boards will transition to civic authority. Mahesh Patil, Deputy Commissioner of PMC, has issued directives to all PMC departments to facilitate this transition.


Across the country, there exist 62 cantonment boards managed by the Army, often referred to as cantonment councils. The Central government has opted to dissolve these cantonment boards, transferring residential areas they oversee to local civic bodies. Meanwhile, areas under direct military control will remain designated as ‘exclusive military stations.’ This process is being orchestrated by both Central and state governments.


Substantial land holdings, spanning lakhs of hectares, currently under the purview of Khadki and Pune Cantonment Boards, will now fall under PMC jurisdiction. This transfer will enable the PMC to execute developmental projects within these areas.


A committee, led by Lt. Gen. Dattatraya Shekatkar (Retd), was formed to analyze this matter thoroughly. In alignment with the committee’s recommendations, a notification from the Central government’s defence department was issued. A joint virtual meeting was subsequently convened on March 4, attended by the chief executive officers of Pune and Khadki Cantonment Boards, the Pune municipal commissioner, and a joint secretary from the Ministry of Defence. The purpose of this gathering was to facilitate the handover of civilian areas from the cantonment boards to local self-government bodies. Directives were given to Khadki and Pune Cantonment Boards to furnish all pertinent information to the PMC.


Following this, a collaborative session was conducted at the ‘Pune Sub Area’ on March 13 by the Pune Cantonment Board, featuring a comprehensive presentation. As outlined in the defence department’s notification, both establishment and personnel will be transferred alongside civilian areas. Coordination among various departments is deemed essential for a seamless transition. Accordingly, Deputy Commissioner Mahesh Patil has instructed PMC personnel to liaise with the Pune Cantonment Board.


Maharashtra hosts seven Cantonment Boards, including Pune, Khadki, Dehu Road, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Deolali (Nashik), and Nagpur. Plans are underway to gradually integrate all seven boards into local administrative bodies.


Across India, the 62 cantonment boards collectively oversee vast land holdings, spanning approximately 1.60 lakh acres. These areas accommodate over five million residents, with private properties also under military control. Given security concerns, development and construction within cantonment limits are subject to restricted Floor Space Index (FSI), regulated by military authorities.