Pune: Nanded City Delegation Meets Municipal Commissioner Against Unjust Property Taxation

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Tikam Shekhawat

Pune/Nanded City, 6th February 2024: In a meeting between a delegation of residents led by Executive Director of Nanded City, Satish Magar, and Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar, concerns were raised regarding the Municipal Corporation’s taxation policies, particularly in property transactions.

The residents expressed dissatisfaction over the unnecessary transfer fees imposed during flat resale transactions. It was highlighted that PT3 (Property Tax) does not receive the promised 40% discount, causing financial strain on the flat owners. The delegation, consisting of prominent figures like Rupesh Ghule and Hemant Joshi, presented their grievances, emphasizing the need for a fair and transparent taxation system.

Commissioner Kumar assured the delegation that the 40 percent property tax exemption period has been extended until March 31, providing a temporary relief window. He pledged to discuss a more sustainable solution for the residents.

Several issues were brought to light during the meeting:

1. Complicated Property Taxation Process: Property taxation during house resale was criticized for being overly complex.

2. Unjust Taxation: Residents reported unjust taxation, including the imposition of fees without proper justification.

3. Property Tax Bills for Flat Owners: Some residents, particularly flat owner, claimed they had not received property tax bills.

4. PT3 Form Submission Problems: Issues were raised regarding the insufficient staff at the Nanded City office, leading to delays and difficulties in submitting PT3 forms.

5. Late Fee Charges: Some flat owners were allegedly charged a late fee of 6,180 rupees, which the delegation requested to be corrected.

6. Technical Errors in Bill Calculation: Current owners faced challenges due to technical errors in bill calculations during resale transactions.

7. Water Bills Despite No Supply: Despite the municipality not supplying water, residents reported paying water bills.

8. Fire Brigade Tax Controversy: The transfer of the fire brigade to the municipality raised eyebrows, especially considering the annual payments made by Nanded City. Residents questioned the justification for the fire service tax.

9. Exemption Denial for Projects: Projects like solar systems, vermicomposting, and rainwater harvesting, which should grant property tax exemptions, were allegedly denied.

10. Sewage Management Exclusion: Nanded City’s independent sewage management system was highlighted, challenging the applicability of cleaning tax.

The residents urged for reforms, requesting simplified procedures for property transactions, relief for financially weaker residents, and a reconsideration of transfer fees. The Municipal Corporation faces increasing pressure to address these issues promptly and ensure a fair and transparent taxation system for the residents of Nanded City.