Pune: Naye Drishtikon Wala Shivir Organised Free-Of-Cost From 31st Oct To 5th Nov 2022

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Pune, 21st October 2022: If we buy a cell phone, we all learn about its features and how to operate it. If we want to achieve health, wealth, name, fame, mental peace or anything else, the only instrument which we have is our physical body. But do we even know how to operate it? What are its features? Maybe not. That is why we are attacked by diseases. Our kids are addicted to cell phones, and the youngsters are drowning in alcohol and drugs, leading to stress, depression and anxiety. We’re born with immense possibilities, but the truth is that we hardly use about 1% of them, and it’s time to leave the body.


It’s time that we take a step towards ourselves. After organising over 200 camps in India and abroad, Sun To Human Foundation brings for the first time in the city of Pune – Naye Drishtikon Wala Shivir. It is a unique camp based on ancient wisdom and modern science organised free of cost from 31st October to 5th November 2022 at Vardhaman Sanskrutik Kendra, Gangadham, Bibvewadi, from 6:30 am to 8:30 am. Here one not only learns about the universal laws governing us but also practically implements the techniques of the Right Food, Right Exercise and Right Meditation leading towards a healthy body, and a peaceful mind and leaves you with an experience of your consciousness.



This camp is not related to any particular religious sect or any political community and does not have any commercial aspect. The only motive is the upliftment of the human consciousness so that each individual can lead a healthy, peaceful and blissful life. Over thousands of people who have attended this camp have had numerous benefits at the physical and mental level by reducing 10-30 kilos of excess weight, getting rid of diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, migraine, diabetes, constipation, thyroid problem, heart problems, depression, and have bid adieu to medicines. The central concept is awakening the energies of our brain, which leads to one being the master of oneself. After the session, a scientifically designed alkaline breakfast is served, which helps excel in the process of awakening the energies of our brain and fulfils us with all the essential nutrients needed for the same.


The mentor of this camp is Poojya Param Aalay, a resident of Indore and an ex-industrialist whose sole motive is to make this earth a better place by directing every individual towards the path of self-awakening. Eight to nine people have gathered from various cities of the country for this noble cause and have conducted over 30 demo sessions in a short span of seven days. We’ve completed around 1,000 registrations as of the 19th of October. A full house is expected.