Pune: New Generation Of Kashmiris Being Nurtured In Schools Run By Indrani Balan Foundation – Punit Balan

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Pune, 3rd November 2023: The vibrant celebration of the second anniversary of ‘Dagger Parivar School,’ a special institution for disabled children in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir, marked a significant milestone for the ‘Indrani Balan Foundation.’

President Punit Balan, in conjunction with Army’s Chinar Corps, announced the foundation’s commitment to adopting additional schools in the Kashmir valley to further its mission of empowering children with special needs.

The commemoration event showcased the talents of disabled children from the school who enthralled the audience with cultural performances and dances. The foundation, led by President Punit Balan, expressed gratitude for the support received from Chinar Corps, Major General Rajesh Sethi of the 19 Infantry Division, and the Indian Army.

The ‘Dagger Parivar School,’ initiated in October 2021, currently accommodates 103 students despite the challenging circumstances in the Baramulla district. The second anniversary celebration brought together Foundation President Punit Balan, ‘RMD Foundation’ President Janhvi Dhariwal-Balan, Major General Rajesh Sethi, and various army officers and parents.

Speaking on the occasion, Janhvi Dhariwal-Balan highlighted the foundation’s broader impact, stating, “In Kashmir, the foundation has opened 11 schools in collaboration with the army, including one dedicated to special children. The primary goal is to provide ample opportunities to these children, enabling them to showcase their abilities and make substantial progress.”

Major General Rajesh Sethi affirmed the army’s commitment to enhancing the school’s infrastructure in collaboration with the ‘Indrani Balan Foundation.’ He emphasized the importance of providing opportunities to maximize the potential of the children, acknowledging the positive impact on the community.

Balan shared a forward-looking perspective, stating, “A new generation of Kashmiris is being nurtured in schools run by the Indrani Balan Foundation. We believe that despite the challenges they face, these students will emerge as diamonds, contributing to our nation’s progress. To further this vision, we plan to open more schools in the future.”

Parents present at the event expressed their appreciation for the collaborative efforts of the Indian Army and the ‘Indrani Balan Foundation’ in providing education and opportunities for their children.