Pune: Newborn Baby Abandoned in Wadgaon Sheri: Police Launch Investigation into Distressing Discovery

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Wadgaon Sheri, 25th April 2024: A distressing incident unfolded in Wadgaon Sheri where a newborn baby girl was discovered abandoned in an open area, wrapped in a T-shirt. The infant was found near the entrance gate of Stella Maris School in Wadgaon Sheri on Wednesday, April 24th, at around 7:45 pm.

Manisha Shinde, aged 49 and a resident of Wadgaon Sheri, reported the discovery to the Chandan Nagar Police Station, leading to the registration of a case against the unknown accused.

According to police reports, Manisha, who works as a staff member in the Children’s HRA department at Stella Merry School, noticed a T-shirt with something wrapped in it around 7:45 pm on April 24th.. Upon approaching closer, she found a newborn baby girl neatly wrapped inside the T-shirt, suggesting deliberate abandonment. The Chandan Nagar Police Station confirmed that the baby was no more than two days old and was female.

In response, the Chandan Nagar Police Station has initiated a case against the unknown individual under IPC Section 317 (exposure and abandonment of child under twelve years, by parent or person having care of it). Assistant Police Inspector Mane from Chandan Nagar Police Station is investigating this matter further.