Pune NGO undertakes mission justice to laid-off employees during the lockdown

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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, August 21, 2020: In the wake of the Coronavirus disease(COVID-19) millions of salaried employees across the nation have suffered job loss. Several industries have sacked employees amid the state government’s imposed lockdown until August 31.

Pune was among the many cities to witness a large number of layoffs of employees. However, the sacking of employees during the stringent lockdown was illegal as the ministry of labour and many state governments brought out a government resolution stating that no employer will terminate the services of any person employed by them.

In an attempt to serve justice, V Aatma Nirbhar Social Foundation has issued legal notices to companies warning them of consequences for sending termination notices to many employees and announcing salary cuts for others. As a result of this,160 people got their jobs and salaries. V Aatma Nirbhar Social Foundation’s director and CEO Vrushali Ighe said, “the situation was horrible, I remember a lady who sold her mangalsutra to feed her family members, as she did not receive her salary. This incident hit us all hard. The lady was later given her salary.”

“I am pleased to inform you that most of the employers understood when we spoke to them directly before sending them any legal notices. Many employers had a positive approach, and that’s how we started serving justice at the grass-root level,” added Ighe.

As the NGO started bridging the gap between employees and employers, many parents also started approaching the NGO to seek help in appealing a reduction in the school fee structure for their students. “Schools were demanding transportation fees, uniform fees, development fees. We spoke to schools and convinced them as well,” she said.

Currently, several NGOs are approaching the V Aatma Nirbhar Social Foundation and they are working to serve justice to the labours from different states. “This wouldn’t have been possible with the help of my colleagues director and CLO Manish Dhengale, director and CFO Suhas Kumbhar, and director and CIO Varunkumar Pinjan,” said Ighe.