Pune: NIA And ATS Arrests Techie For Alleged Involvement In Sharing OTPs With Pakistani Intelligence Operatives

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Pune/Bhubaneswar, 6th August 2023: In a significant development, a collaborative effort between the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Mumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has been initiated to interrogate Abhijeet Sanjay Jambure, a software firm employee who was apprehended by the Odisha Special Task Force (STF) for his suspected role in sharing One-Time Passwords (OTPs) with Pakistani Intelligence Operatives (PIOs).


Abhijeet was apprehended on June 29 in Pune, Maharashtra, and subsequently transported to Bhubaneswar under a transit report. Holding a degree in statistics from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University in Gujarat, he was employed at the software firm WIPRO.


This collaborative investigation is of utmost significance, as the authorities aim to glean more insights from the accused about his alleged connections with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).


Earlier revelations by STF officials unveiled Abhijeet’s virtual interactions with an individual named Danish, also known as Syed Danish Ali Naqvi, hailing from Khanki, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Their association was reportedly established through Facebook Messenger back in 2018. Danish purportedly identified himself as a freelancer at “Chegg.”


Danish introduced Abhijeet to another individual named Khurram, alias Abdul Hamid, residing in Karachi. Khurram is suspected to hold a high-ranking position within the Pakistan Army intelligence and is believed to maintain an extensive network of agents operating within India.


Guided by Khurram’s instructions, Abhijeet allegedly engaged in money transfers to various PIOs working within India. Additionally, Abhijeet’s communication extended to at least seven Pakistani citizens and ten Nigerian citizens through WhatsApp. The joint investigative team is determined to delve into the specifics of these interactions and transactions to ascertain the extent of his alleged involvement in these activities.