Pune: Nira-Bhima River Connection Project Completes 19 km Tunnel in Indapur Taluka

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Indapur, 24th November 2023: In a significant development for Maharashtra’s Marathwada region, the ambitious Nira-Bhima River Linking Project has reached a major milestone with the completion of the 19 km long tunnel in Indapur taluka. Out of the total eight tunnels planned for the project, five have been successfully connected, marking a crucial step forward in the initiative.

The Nira-Bhima River Linking Project, initiated in 2009, faced various challenges during its implementation, with the actual work commencing around 2012. Despite intermittent delays, the project has now made substantial progress. The total length of the project is 23.80 km, featuring a tunnel spanning 22.40 km, with additional constructions of 300 meters on the Dalaj side and 1200 meters on the Tavshi side.

At eight strategic locations, deep wells, or shafts, have been excavated to facilitate entry into the tunnel and the removal of materials. Six tunnels have been completed, contributing to the overall 19 km length of the tunnel that has been successfully connected.

Upon completion, the Nira-Bhima River Linking Project aims to address water management issues in the region. During the monsoon season, the tunnel will divert waste from the Neera river to the Bhima river, flowing through the Ujani catchment area near Bhadalwadi. To prevent water seepage, the entire tunnel will be concreted with cement.

The completed tunnel will facilitate the transfer of 1872 cusecs, amounting to 7 TMC of water, from the Neera river to the Bhima river over 43 days. Subsequently, the water will be directed from the Bhima river to the Sona-Kolegaon project through the Jeur tunnel. This project, in turn, will provide water to Beed in Marathwada and drought-prone areas of the Osmanabad district through the Upsa Sinchan Yojana.

Key features of the Neera-Bhima Project include a total length of 23.80 km, a tunnel length of 22.24 km, a tunnel height of 8 meters, a width of 8.25 meters, and completed tunnel work covering 19 km. The tunnel’s depth from the ground ranges from 40 to 83 meters, showcasing the engineering prowess involved in this crucial water connectivity initiative for the region. The entire project is expected to be finalized within the next two years, bringing much-needed relief to the water scarcity issues in Marathwada.