Pune: Notices Issued To 26 Rooftop Restaurants And Hotels, Demolition On The Cards

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 17th November 2023: In response to a complaint filed by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the District Collector’s Office has issued notices to 26 illegal ‘rooftop hotels’ in the city. Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar emphasized that further action would be determined based on the hotel operators’ responses to the notices.

The city currently boasts around a hundred ‘rooftop hotels,’ a concept not recognized in the Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations. Consequently, the municipal corporation deems these establishments illegal. Recent incidents of fires in such ‘Rooftop Hotels’ have raised concerns about potential loss of life, prompting the municipal corporation to take decisive action. Substantial portions of these hotels will be dismantled during the operation.

Despite previous closures, these hotels tend to reopen within a few days. The Excise Department of the District Administration issues liquor licenses to these establishments. To address this, the Municipal Corporation has recommended the cancellation of these licenses. Additionally, it proposed that the District Collector obtain a ‘no objection certificate’ from the Municipal Corporation before granting licenses to hotels and bars.

Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar issued a directive to all junior engineers of the construction department, instructing them to “take action against unauthorized constructions, including rooftop hotels, standing in the side and front margins, and submit a report within fifteen days.” The construction department has commenced the necessary actions.

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In light of security concerns raised by the police, who suggested closing ‘rooftop hotels,’ the District Collector has appointed a committee to address the matter. Commissioner Vikram Kumar clarified that an officer from the municipality is involved in issuing liquor licenses, and at the municipality’s request, the district collector has issued notices to 26 roof top hotels.

The PMC has taken action against hotels conducting business in front and side margins. However, despite previous closures, these hotels have resumed operations in prohibited areas, leading to the decision to take additional action against them.

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