Pune: Now People In Maharashtra To Get NA Certificate For Land At Their Doorstep

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Pune, 15th November 2021: Balasaheb Thorat, Maharashtra state’s revenue minister, said on Saturday that the revenue department would go to the landowners to issue a non-agriculture (NA) conversion order (sanad) to potential non-agriculture plots as per the assessment. 

With this decision, the concerned landholder will not have to go to government offices to get the NA conversion order. Also, the Gunthewari will be reduced and the suffering of the citizens will be minimized. Apart from this, the government’s revenue will also increase, said Thorat. 

This decision also paves the way for the rapid urbanisation of existing towns and cities.

Speaking to reporters after the two-day state-level revenue conference, Revenue Minister Thorat said that coordination would be made to make agricultural land non-agricultural. Nashik Commissioner has worked on this and this process was discussed in the Revenue Council. This process will be useful to other Divisional Commissioners and Collectors of the State for future implementation. A new order in this regard will be issued soon.

Meanwhile, during the Corona pandemic period, stamp duty was reduced by three per cent and two per cent in two phases, respectively. Now there is no thought of giving this concession again. Also, the sale and purchase of property have increased and the government has received a record revenue of Rs 3,200 crore after October. 

Thorat also said that his government would make the website more citizen-friendly to take prompt action on complaints against the revenue department.