Pune: Number Of Vehicles In Pune Reaches 44 Lakhs, Two Lakh Vehicles Added To City Numbers Annually

Pune traffic jam
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Pune, 16th March 2023: An average of two lakh vehicles are added to Pune every year. The total number of vehicles in Pune has reached over 44 lakhs.


At the end of January this year, the total number of two-wheelers in Pune reached 32,90,347. Therefore, Pune, which was earlier known as the city of bicycles, has become the city of two-wheelers. Two-wheelers account for 75 per cent of the total number of vehicles. The remaining 25 per cent includes other vehicles.


If one looks at the statistics from the year 2010-11, the number of two-wheelers in the total number of vehicles is increasing by an average of 1.5 lakhs every year. Only during the Corona pandemic, the annual sales of two-wheelers decreased to around one lakh.


The number of cars in Pune is 7,79,237. Since 2010-11, more than 40,000 cars are being added to Pune every year. At the end of January, the number of passenger taxis is 38,527. The number of goods vehicles is 37,453, and the number of tankers is 5,691. Delivery vans are also in abundance. There are 69,236 four-wheeler delivery vans and 40,946 three-wheeler delivery vans.

world sparrow day program in Pune


The number of tractors is 33,381. The number of rickshaws in Pune is 92,561. Hence, a large number of rickshaws are seen on every street in the city. The number of ambulances, however, is less than one per cent of the total number of vehicles.


In the last few years, development works are going on in the city on a large scale. Due to development works, the roads are getting narrower instead of widening. Traffic jams are inevitable due to narrow roads and the ever-increasing number of vehicles.


The system is stuck in a trap where the number of vehicles cannot be reduced and the roads cannot be widened. Due to this, one-way traffic experiments were started on many roads. These experiments were initially successful. However, now even on one-way traffic roads, congestion is seen in the morning and evening rush hours.


Pune Regional Transport Officer Dr Ajit Shinde said, “It is not in our hands to control the number of vehicles. We have no rights in this regard. However, to reduce the number of traffic jams and accidents, work is going on in coordination with other government agencies. Determining the problem areas, measures will be taken there.”


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