Pune: Online science exhibition by Life Lab receives a great response from municipal as well as private schools

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Pune, September 9, 2020: Women Organisation Socio-Cultural Awareness (WOSCA) and Life Lab Programme organised an online science exhibition at five Municipal and five private schools in the city. The project is funded by India Foundation and Symantec Company, and was implemented in schools by setting up science rooms since last year.

A total of 250 students participated in the science exhibition, 15 students were selected for the presentation. With the help of parents, these students made their project and gave the message that we can defeat Coronavirus with the help of science.

Over the past year, 10 schools and Life Labs in the municipal area have found it difficult to go to school and work together due to the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. But instead of wasting this time, Life Lab team started a new venture like ‘Remote Engagement’, and organised the online science fair. The chief guests were Suhas Jagtap of Pune Municipal Corporation, Deputy Director of Education Minakshi Raut, WOSCA Head Dharitri Raut, etc.

Teacher Preeti Mule from Sant Tukaram Vidyalaya Lohegaon said, “You don’t need to come first in the race, you don’t need to leave everyone behind! But even if you fall, you need to stand again! There will be many exams in life, those who are ahead today will be behind you tomorrow! Just don’t stop walking, just don’t stop fighting ..! “