Pune: Out Of 214 Installed Camera In Villages Newly Included In PMC Jurisdiction, Only 4 Of Them Are Working

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Kirkatwadi, 23rd August 2022: Out of the 214 CCTV cameras in the villages of Nanded, Kirkatwadi, Khadakwasla and Nandoshi-Sanasnagar, which have been newly included in the municipal limits, only four cameras from 214 installed cameras are working at present. At present, two cameras in Kirkatwadi and two in Nandoshi, are operating and due to the incognizance of the municipality, the picture shows that the safety of the citizens is completely compromised.


A year ago, the villages of Khadakwasla, Kirkatwadi, Nanded and Nandoshi-Sanasnagar were included in the municipal limits. Before that, CCTV cameras were installed in these villages at a cost of lakhs of rupees.


Since the Gram Panchayats are carrying out repairs from time to time, till then all the cameras were working except for a few exceptions, but since the last year, the CCTV system has been completely neglected by the municipality.

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As a result, when incidents like theft, burglary, theft of petrol and diesel from vehicles, and vandalism of vehicles are taking place, the police are also facing obstacles in their investigation due to the CCTV cameras being switched off.


“The operation of CCTV is very important in terms of law and order. CCTV footage is very useful in the investigation of serious crimes. The concerned department should repair the closed cameras,” said Bhausaheb Dhole, Haveli Sub Divisional Police Officer.


“Correspondence will be immediately sent to the Chief Engineer of the Electricity Department for the repair of closed CCTV cameras. After their follow-up, the work will immediately start,” said Pradeep Awhad, Assistant Commissioner, Sinhagad Road Ward Office, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

Prime Academy JEE Result

Village – Total Cameras – Operational Cameras


Nanded – 120 – 0


Kirkatwadi – 60 – 2


Khadakwasla – 30 – 0


Nandoshi – 4 – 2


The strong room prepared for the CCTV system in the Gram Panchayat office in Nanded has not been opened by the municipality since last year. As a result, the entire CCTV system is lying in a closed room. The CCTV system at Khadakwasla has also been kept under wraps.