Pune: “Paint Your Dream” Workshop Ignites Creativity Among Children in Nyati Exotica Society

paint your dreams
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Mohammadwadi, 24th October 2023: In the spirit of fostering creativity and collaboration, Nyati Exotica Society in Nyati County organized a “Paint Your Dream” workshop for children, aligning it with the ongoing Navaratri celebrations. The event witnessed an impressive turnout, as 28 young participants eagerly showcased their artistic talents.

Overflowing Enthusiasm

The children’s enthusiasm was palpable as they arrived at the workshop, keen to express themselves through art. All materials, including canvas and drawing paper, as well as acrylic paints, watercolors, crayons, and pencils, were generously provided by the society.

Artistic Freedoms

Offered an array of artistic mediums to choose from, the children seized the opportunity to create. Freed from constraints and guided solely by their imaginations, they crafted a myriad of masterpieces ranging from vibrant acrylic paintings to delicate watercolor works and detailed sketches.

Workshop Highlights

Renowned artist and painter Puneeta Rajan spearheaded the workshop, bringing with her a wealth of experience. She was assisted by her students, Sid and Ishanee, who helped ensure the event ran smoothly.

Inclusive Rewards

In line with Nyati Exotica Society’s belief in “Collaboration, not Competition,” each child was rewarded for their participation. No effort went unnoticed; each young artist left with a small fruit juice tetra pack and a Cadbury chocolate, adding a sweet note to a day already enriched by creativity.

A Lasting Impact

The artworks created during the workshop didn’t just stay on the canvas; they went home with the creators. Many families in the society are expected to frame and display these youthful masterpieces, thereby making them a lasting part of their home décor.

This workshop not only provided a platform for these young minds to express their creativity but also enhanced the festive spirit of Navratri within the community. It was a memorable day that succeeded in adding another layer of joy and meaning to the celebrations.