Motivational Speaker Sonu Sharma Encourages Responding Over Reacting at Brotherhood Foundation’s Silver Jubilee Event in Pune

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Pune 25th October 2023 : The people of society should make their respond instead of reactions about any particulars events say renowned motivational speaker Sonu Sharma here today.

He was speaking to a gathering organized by Brotherhood Foundation on occasion of its Silver jubilee.

The youth are the future of the country and they have to adopt innovation ways in the era of today’s modern technology, Sharma suggested.

Focusing more on youth generation, The eminent speaker said that they have many potentials and opportunities, just there is needs to catch it, he added.

Talking about hectic and busy today’s life, Sharma advocated that it has to control somewhere. They should devote some times of their family, relatives and keep their commitments towards them, he added.

Every person has unlimited potential, but it is a fact that we do not use enough of them at the right time.
Talking about success Mantra, the well-known motivational expert sharma said it is not far from us just need of dedications and hard works.
A heavy crowd of audience was witness when Sharma started his lecture on topic of Characterized by conversational style, sprinkling of light humour, theatricality in presentation, precise awareness and understanding of the subject.
The event was organized at Bantara Bhavan by Brotherhood Foundation which begins its journey of silver jubilee this year which is one of the Pioneering social organisation in India today. The Foundation’s President Pawan Kumar Jain, Founder Jaiprakash Goyal, Ishwar Chand Goyal, Secretary Ravikiran Agarwal, Joint Secretary Narendra Goyal, Treasurer Sanjay Agarwal, Coordinator Colonel Naresh Goyal, Mukesh Kanodia, Sanjay Agarwal and officials of various clubs and organizations of city, prominent dignitaries along with others towering personality were present on the occasion.

This orientation conference was organized with the aim of bringing together all the clubs and organizations of the Agarwal community in Pune district and uniting the Agarwal community into one family, said organizers.
Elaborating further sharma said “Knowledge is power,” it should be reflected in your bank account, otherwise it becomes just a phrase.
He said in any field where opportunities arise, positively embrace and embrace changes over time, they will bring you many new opportunities for success, those who do not face the changes, are thrown out of the business by the competition, he added while giving many fresh examples from around the world.

” think first about what might happen in your field in the next 10 to 25 years. If you are predictive, you will be able to anticipate the next changes and make the corresponding changes immediately. Because any market is constantly looking for something new, different, attractive. Respond to that innovation, success is yours, Sharma opined.