Pune: Palkhi Procession to Commence from Alandi, Administration Takes Steps to Manage Crowd

Pune: Palkhi Procession to Commence from Alandi, Administration Takes Steps to Manage Crowd
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Alandi, 11th June 2023: Lakhs of pilgrims have come to Alandi from all over the Maharashtra state hoping to have a glimpse of Lord Vitthal. For the last four days only Alandi has been buzzing with the arrival of warkari and the chanting of ‘Gyanoba-Mauli’. On Sunday (11th), Mauli’s palanquin is intended to depart before the scheduled time, from Deulwadi to Pandharpur from Alandi at around 4 pm.


Since the departure is at 4 pm, devotees throng the temple premises from noon. In order to avoid the current heat wave, the adminstration intends to conduct the departure ceremony in a limited time, said Palkhi procession head Adv Vikas Dhage and Chief Trustee Yogesh Desai. Decisions were taken from time to time regarding reducing the number of pilgrims in Dindi, controlling the number of Khandekari, minimum number of people entering the temple.



The worship began at 4 am and continued till 9 am. After 2 pm, the main program of departure will start. Darshan will be closed for devotees at this time. Honorary dignitaries will be admitted through the Mahadwar. After that, Mauli’s horses will arrive at the temple.


At 4 pm there will be aarti to Mauli on behalf of Guru Haibat Baba, followed by aarti on behalf of Sansthan. After that, the silver sandals of the Mauli will be placed in the palanquin placed in the veenamandapa. On behalf of the Sansthan, honorarium and coconut prasad will be given on behalf of Guru Haibat Baba.


After bringing out the palanquin from veenamandap on behalf of the villagers, it will go around (pradakshina) the temple and come out from the Mahadwar. After that, after going around the town, stay at Ajolghar after community prayer. After that, the devotees will continue to have darshan.


Palkhi ceremony chief Adv. Vikas Dhage said, “This year, the number of Warakri in Dindi has been limited to 75 to avoid delay in departure and Khandekari will be 125. Social media journalists have been banned. Only invited pass holders will be allowed entry. The darshan will be closed in the afternoon at the time of Naivedya.”