Pune: PCMC Administration Accelerates Process for Maratha-Kunbi Caste Certificates in Pimpri-Chinchwad

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Pimpri, 21st November 2023: The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation is making swift strides in the quest for necessary evidence to grant Maratha-Kunbi and Kunbi-Maratha caste certificates to the Maratha community in Pimpri-Chinchwad. Following a thorough statutory and administrative examination of records associated with the PCMC, a total of 2,359 records have been identified in the region to date. This extensive search involved scrutinizing 5,83,832 files from various departments.

Commissioner Shekhar Singh, in compliance with the directives of the Maharashtra state government, has instructed department heads to undertake a comprehensive statutory and administrative investigation. The examination focuses on evidence of the Kunbi caste in records spanning birth and death registers, educational documents, land records, service record books, and taxation record registers maintained by the municipal corporation from 1948 to 1967.

Departments within the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, adhering to these instructions, have meticulously combed through records from the specified period. As a result, 2,359 records about the Kunbi caste have been successfully located in the municipal records. This ongoing effort is part of a broader initiative to facilitate the issuance of caste certificates by established guidelines and government directives.