Pune: PCMC Initiates Recalculation of Red Zone Boundaries in Dehu Road and Dighi Areas to Address Confusion

PCMC headqurters
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Pimpri, 27th December 2023: The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has announced plans to reassess the protected areas, commonly known as the red zones, in the Dehu Road and Dighi regions. In a bid to create a precise and transparent red zone map, a counting fee of one crore 13 lakh 67 thousand rupees will be deposited with the Pimpri-Chinchwad and Haveli Division of the Land Records Department.

Dehu Road and Dighi, falling under the Ministry of Defence area in Pimpri-Chinchwad city, have a red zone within a two-thousand-yard radius (1.82 km) from the outer boundary walls of the Dehu Road Ammunition Factory and Dighi Magazine Depot. Despite strict regulations prohibiting construction in the red zone, unauthorized residential developments have proliferated, causing confusion among citizens regarding the exact boundaries.

To address this issue, the PCMC will conduct a counting of the red zone-affected area. City survey officers from the Land Records Department in Pimpri will measure the city boundary within a 2000-yard radius from the outer boundary wall of the Dehu Road Ammunition Factory, with a counting fee of one crore seven lakh rupees. Simultaneously, the Deputy Superintendent of the Haveli Land Records Department will measure the red zone area around the Dighi Magazine Depot, with a counting fee of six lakh 66 thousand rupees. Commissioner Shekhar Singh has approved the expenditure of 1 crore 13 lakh 67 thousand rupees for the demarcation of both protected areas.

Prasad Gaikwad, Deputy Director Town Planning Department at PCMC, stated, “The red zone boundary in the municipal area is to be calculated. The calculation fee will be credited immediately. The map will be released after the counting is completed.”

Amit Gavde, a former corporator, highlighted the challenges faced by residents in the red zone, including limitations on property development, land usage, and property transactions. Gavde expressed optimism that the counting process would provide clarity and alleviate confusion among citizens regarding the red zone boundaries, enabling them to access facilities and make informed decisions about their properties.