Pune: PCMC Undertakes Water Reservoir Construction to Address Future Needs in Pimpri

PCMC headqurters
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Pimpri, 10th January 2024: The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is proactively addressing the water needs of its growing population by constructing Overhead Water Tanks in various areas. With the city’s population currently at around 27 lakhs, the PCMC is taking steps to ensure a sustainable and sufficient water supply for the future.

The PCMC relies on multiple sources for water supply, including Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), Pavana Dam, and Andra Valley Dam. PCMC lifts 510 million litres (MLD) of water daily from Pavana Dam, treating it at the Nigdi Pradhikaran’s water treatment plant before distribution through water channels across the city.

To cater to the increasing population, especially in newly developed areas, the PCMC’s Water Supply Department is undertaking the construction of water bodies. Currently, 102 water tanks have been constructed under the eight regional offices. Anticipating population growth until the year 2031, the PCMC has initiated the construction of 29 new water reservoirs.

Ramnath Takle, Executive Engineer of the Water Supply Department, emphasized that the construction of water bodies is a strategic move to meet the demands of the expanding city and population. The development of 29 overhead tanks will be carried out in phases to ensure efficient and sustainable water supply management for the future.