Pune: PMC Allocates Rs 3.5 Crore for Water Hyacinth Removal in Rivers and Lakes

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Pune, 3rd January 2024: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is set to invest Rs 3.5 crore in the removal of water hyacinth from Mula and Mutha rivers, along with Katraj, Pashan, and Jambhulwadi lakes. The proliferation of hyacinth post-monsoon has led to a surge in mosquito-related issues in these water bodies.

Mechanized methods will be employed to clear the hyacinth, addressing the immediate concern. However, residents and civic activists are urging the administration to formulate a long-term strategy to prevent the recurring growth of hyacinth.

Complaints from citizens living near Katraj and Jambhulwadi lakes highlight the mosquito menace and the accumulation of garbage due to hyacinth. Nilesh Shah from Vishrantwadi notes that the situation in the Mutha river, already overwhelmed by hyacinth, has shown little improvement over the years.

Despite substantial annual expenditures by the administration to combat the weed, there seems to be no permanent solution in place. Previous attempts, such as the use of drones to sprinkle pesticides in Katraj lake, have failed to yield significant results.

Mahesh Patil, a resident near Katraj lake, attributes the deteriorating condition of the lake to the release of untreated water and persistent hyacinth growth. He remarks, “The authorities offer temporary solutions through inspections, but the problem persists.”

PMC officials acknowledge the continuous nature of hyacinth removal efforts and highlight ongoing initiatives to curtail the release of untreated water in rivers and lakes to prevent hyacinth spread.

An official statement indicates that tenders have been floated to appoint agencies for hyacinth removal, with these new agencies expected to commence work in the coming days. Urgent actions have already been initiated at locations like Holkar bridge and Mutha river, with agencies appointed in the previous year instructed to resume hyacinth clearance efforts.