Pune: PMC Clarifies Misconceptions About Mula Mutha River Rejuvenation Project And Trees Cutting

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 24th April 2023: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has started the Mula Mutha River Rejuvenation Project, which will involve the removal of trees along the riverbank to create a green belt. Social media is awash with misinformation that over 6,000 trees, including old and rare trees, will be cut during the revival work. The Pune Municipal Corporation has clarified that only 3,142 trees will be removed during the project, and no old or rare trees will be impacted. Additionally, over 65,000 local species of trees will be planted in place of those affected.

The affected trees that are to be removed during the Sangamwadi to Bundgarden phase are mainly Subabhul, Kubabhul, Kateribabul, and Vilayati Tamarind species, with a total of 1,538 trees proposed to be removed. Among them, approximately 1,534 trees belong to the Subabhul, Kubabhul, Kateri Bhul, and Vilayati Tamarind species. Similarly, during the Bundagarden to Mundhwa phase, a total of 1,572 trees will be removed, with 1,253 trees belonging to Subabhul, Kubabhul, thorny Acacia, and Vilayati Tamarind species.

According to PMC, it will plant more than 65,000 trees and shrubs along both sides of the river to enhance the riverside ecosystem. Local and easily available species of trees and shrubs will be planted, such as Mango, Jambhul, Karanj, Arjuna, Muchkund, Gular, Kailasapati, Neem, and Kadamba. These trees will be able to withstand climate change, flood conditions, droughts, and other subtle changes, thus promoting the overall rejuvenation of natural rivers.

The Pune Municipal Corporation has clarified that the panels seen on the trees are part of a survey to count the number of trees to be removed and not an indication that all the trees with the panels will be cut down. “The Pune Municipal Corporation has always placed equal importance on environmental conservation and development, ensuring that environmental protection is not jeopardized during the river revival project.”


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