Pune: PMC Issues Notices To 478 Wada As Rains Lash City

PMC Pune
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Pune, 7th July 2022: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has issued notices to 478 Wada (cluster of houses) in the city against the backdrop of heavy rains. Before the monsoon, more than 38 high-risk Wada in different parts of the city have been demolished.


Sudhir Kadam, Superintendent Engineer, Construction Development Department, PMC gave information regarding this.

There are about 478 dangerous Wada and buildings in the city during this year’s monsoon. PMC has issued notices to C1, C2 and C3 as per government rules. In C1, all the 28 most dangerous Wada have been demolished. C2 had 316 Wada, of which 11 hazardous Wada have also been demolished. Out of 134 Wada in C3, 9 Wada have been demolished. A total of 38 high-risk Wada in the city have been demolished by the PMC before this year’s monsoon.

The Meteorological Department has forecast good rains for the next four to five days. Every year in the rains, the walls of some old buildings or some parts of the Wada collapse. A special campaign has been launched to bring down the dangerous buildings of the municipality to curb the accidents that occur in the rainy season.

Boundary walls and old buildings are surveyed every year because of the loss of life due to the collapse of boundary walls and old buildings during monsoons. A total of 478 Wada in the city have been issued notices this monsoon.


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